"the art of public speaking" 8th/9th edition by stephen lucas...how similar are they to each other?

Question:i am in college and taking a speech class. i thought i could save a little money by using the book my brother had for his speech class. his is the 8th edition and the one i'm supposed to have is the 9th. does anyone know how similar the table of contents is? does anyone have the 9th they could compare this to?
Part1) speaking and listening 1)speaking in public 2)ethics and public speaking 3) listening (appendix-giving your first speech)

Part 2) Speech Preparation:getting started 1)selecting a topic and purpse 5 )analyzing the audience 6)gathering materials 7)supporting your ideas

Part 3 ) speech preparation: organizing and outlining 8) organizing the body of the speech 9)beginning and ending the speech 10) outlining the speech

Part 4) Presenting the speech 11)using language 12) delivery 13)uising visual aids (appendix : using power point )

Part 5 :Varieties of public speaking 14) speaking to inform 15)speaking to persuade 16)methods of persuasion 17) speaking on....

So far from what I can tell everything matches. I am taking a speech class as well and bought the 9th edition. I thinking of trying to use the older version as well. Good luck!

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