Any advice/tips of what to say to try & pursuade Uni's to let you in if your results are lower then the offer

Use good spelling in any correspondence you make with them.

If you had a legitimate family or medical situation, then tell them about it, but otherwise you probably should have given any reasons likely to lead to poor performance ahead of time.

EDIT: Note to Amy - I'm pretty sure the writer here is British, and the admission process here is much less subjective. They make offers that a student will be accepted if he/she gets certain grades on the A-level exams. The student is guaranteed acceptance for getting those grades, and might be accepted anyways if he/she comes up short, but extracurricular activities are almost never considered.
If your scores are only slightly lower, you can let them know of the areas you excel in (have you proven your leadership skills? do you compete in a sport? are you a published writer?) that they didn't get to find out in your college applications. You might even want to explain why your scores are low, too (did something happen to trigger lower scores? did you have to work 3 jobs to support yourself in HS?).

Personally, though, I wouldn't bother. If they didn't accept you and you aren't even on the waiting list, then its mostly likely not even negotiable. Why not just go to a school that DOES want you, esp. one who wants you enough to offer you scholarships?

The rule I go by is: someone who is Ivy League material will do as well in life whether or not s/he actually chooses to attend an Ivy League school. Besides, it doesn't matter too much where you go to college if you plan on going to graduate school afterwards.

Good luck with your decision.
Ring the institute in question, let them know your results and ask if there is still a possibility. Universities do not vastly oversubscribe and you may have had qualities etc at your interview that will still see you accepted. It is not uncommon for universities to still accept applicant who fail to meet the criteria.
So ask - you never know!!
I did fairly badly at my A-levels, as my predicted A,C,B turned into a B,C,D. They let me on my course, but only after I immediately informed them of the situation. Do not sound desperate or as if you have failed, focus on the fact that you have been preparing for this course through work experience over the summer. It is important to remain calm on the phone, do not give a hint of failure.

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