Tuition costs in Las Vegas, or for Nevada in general?

Question:I live in Ohio, where tuition costs are high, and could get worse.

I'm thinking of moving to the Las Vegas area, and within 3-4 years, perhaps earn my Masters Degree in an education related area.

How is the cost of tuition for a Masters in Nevada? If anyone wants to add information about the cost of living, or the experience of living in Las Vegas, feel free to do so!

Thank you!

This is all that I could find, but it might give you a general idea of your costs involved :

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Estimated TOTAL (not annual) cost of part-time MBA program (U.S. dollars)
Program Cost - Historical Chart
2005 $20,000
2004 $8,000
2003 $5,912
2002 $5,906
2001 n/a

2005 $30,000
2004 $24,000
2003 $11,784
2002 $11,330
2001 n/a

I hope this helps....... and good luck !

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