(This question is addressed to Filipino students only) Which is better to take NSTP, CWTS, or ROTC?

If you enjoy helping other people and the community, go for NSTP. If you want to learn something different, join a CWTS class. If you want to get buffed, disciplined, tortured, etc. enroll for ROTC.

It would really depend on what courses are given by your university. Last year, I took up rappelling (intended for rescue) as a CWTS class and it was really great=) We learned that mission impossible thing for real=)

Do you have a list of courses and descriptions? It's better if you have one.
CWTS is the best for me! nstp and cwts is the same. i had cwts when i was in first year college. I had fun actually, because i can help my fellowmens through simple things. like, cleaning the community. teaching some cathechism. and the likes. it was really fun. as the saying goes, its better to give than to receive. In taking cwts you learn to socialize more to the people. it helps u to become more hospitable than before. it also help you to gain your self confidence. Choosing cwts is a wise decision!

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