A question about college?

Question:What should someone who wants to get into an ivy league college do to get in?

Also, a question about scholarships: How can you apply for them, and how do you find out about them? (Like certain scholarships for certain things)

One more thing: When wanting to be a doctor, what should your major be in college?

thanks for answering!

Ivy League Colleges:


If you want to get into one of those schools you need to have a damn good GPA and class rank, top 10%, damn good SAT scores, 2000+.

Also you need to have something special about yourself to make you stand out because basically everyone will be top of the class with high scores.

They look for diversity so if you are a minority it will be easier for you.

As for the doctor part, major in some area of science, biology, chemistry, or whatever is interesting to you and do the pre-med program, its not a major just a pre-professional program. That will prepare you for med school.
You should meet with your guidance counselor or with a college adviser, they will be able to give you accurate information. Also, they usually have tons of scholarship applications and information. You can also apply for scholarships online, use a search engine to find them. Good luck!
First, ask yourself why you want to get into an "Ivy League" school? Simply because a school qualifies for that label does not mean it is the best school for you, or, that it is the best school period.

Next, some questions you should ask yourself are: What major/field are you interested in? What sort of profession do you want to join after you graduate?

Then, do some research on what schools are the best in your major. Also, think along these lines, some schools have impressive reputations as research institutions. However, often these same schools have poor reputations for teaching freshman students. Classes are often large (100 to 300 or more.) Also, "famous profs" rarely teach freshmen level classes. Instead, you will more than likely be taught by a grad student. The grad student may be a very good teacher, but that person is probably not the "famous prof" you may have hoped for.

But in anycase, after you decide on a field of interest then explore which schools look good to you. Check out class sizes, who teaches intro level courses, dorms, library facilities, graduation rate, job placement rate, etc.

Regardless of the schools you target, you will need the ACT/SAT, good HS GPA, letters of recommendation from teachers, and a strong application letter.

Good luck, and don't confuse reputation with quality of education. The are not always the same thing.
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