Any one go to ucla?

Question:well my dream is to attend ucla any one here know what is the averge gpa is for ucla im in junior high my last year and my gpa is 3.5 is that good or do i need it to be better

You might get in to UCLA with that kind of GPA , but again it depends to lots of things, for example if average of that year's high school graduated student's GPA, who are applying for it is high, well yours must be the same.

So try harder and get it much higher like 4.something, the higher the better chance. you should know that, the more AP classes you take and of course you have to pass it with high grades.
About SAT score, 2400 is the highest, my brother had 2010, and he says there are two kind of taking the tests, so as I said the best thing is you just ask your teachers or go to counseling office.

My brother had a 4.3 GPA, now he has one more year to get his bachelor degree, of course he wants to go to law school afterward, as a matter of fact he has an exam at the end of this month, hopefully he will major economy and philosophy and minor in something else he has not decided yet.

He also did lots of volunteering stuff, you can ask from your school counselor.

Good luck to you, study as hard as you can.
You will need something better. The average gpa for entering freshman is a 4.0. Unless you have some amazing talent, SAT scores, or are a great athlete, I suggest looking at some other UC's as well. There are some great one's out there.
It will need to be better, but the good news is that if you take things like honors courses, AP classes, and the like, it probably will be. UCLA is one of the most competitive colleges to get into in the country, so your GPA does need to be very good, along with everything else.
You can see the profiles of admitted students to UCLA for Fall 2007 (detailed breakdown of GPA, SAT, ACT, SAT II, and other statistics) at: on page 40.

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