Is getting your Master's Degree surrounded by Social Work worth it?

I am signed up for everything i need, simply very discouraged by other MSWs. I surface like i perchance making the biggest mistake every. What do you think?

Answers:    When you articulate you are discouraged by other MSW's is this because of what they are saying or what you are seeing within them? I ask this because it does make some difference within how you might understand them.

I hold found the MSW to be the most versatile of the human service related degree. It opens up more living opportunities, at more level and with more populations than any other amount. It is a degree which privileges you to work on multiple level toward change (rather than narrowly defining your work at one level). It includes a social even-handedness focus which I find useful.

You don't influence what you are really interested int. If you just want to do psychotherapy, don't assistance about social even-handedness, and are not really interested in issues such as policy and macro practice...consequently I'd say yes you are making a mistake.

If you are interested within making real fine-tuning, you see social problems as being multi system and multi-level and see yourself working at the intersection of these points to promote the lives of people and their resources to make demands upon th are on the right track

Depends on what you're going for. Around here, a Social Worker can hang up out their shingle pretty much right away. A Psychologist has to step through gobs of supervised work within an institution to get licensed.

The flip side is: Social Workers within public mental health burn out briskly. Average professional lifespan is about seven years.

Pick your intended practice nouns carefully. It'll formulate all the difference.

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