About transfering from Community College to University but Also have Foreign Transcript?

I am planning to transfer to CSUEB the coming winter from a community college. My problem is, in addition to the transcript from community college I also have a foreign transcript which I think I might have some credits to transfer, so I am wondering do I need to turn the foreign transcript with my community college transcript together? Or I can turn if after I have been admitted into the University because I have heard 1 of my friend who got rejected for the reason of too many units.

You need to check the school's requirements. They may want an evaluation of the foreign transcript in which case it goes to an evaluation service direct from the foreign school.

Get your credit if you think it may transfer! Even if it transfers as elective it may help you graduate faster.
when you apply (your AA degree from the community college) for the last 2 years in a 4-year college, that's the time you provide your foreign transcript to the registrar at the time you are applying there and ask if you can get aditional credit for your foreign transcript.
I have no idea, but my advice is talk to college counselor at the school. That is their job.

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