Why can't i revise?

Question:i have a history exam in friday and if i were to go into it right now i probably wouldn't even understand the questions, never mind be able to answer them. Problem is even though i know i need to revise i can't seem to motivate myself to do so. Any tips?

probably bc you're ready to be "done" for the year. i know i am. i've been putting off a paper that is due today! i'm half way finished and just keep hanging out here on Y!A...

tips... hmmmmm.... remember that you don't want to fail - that would be worse than just forcing yourself to focus now. Maybe try studying just a bit at a time? for 20 min stretches and then allowing yourself 10 min of fun?
You are too busy being two-faced and b!tchy. Turn off the phone and bury your head in a book
fail your exams and become a factory worker,
is that enough motivation?
i had the same problem hun, im afraid your just going to have to do it, lock yourself in a quiet room youll soon get on with it. or if its next friday have a little break and then you'll be refreshed.
How about putting on your favourite music on in the background so that it will be close to a relaxed type atmosphere as possible or try revising before you go to bed or in bed because your brain is still working while you are sleeping and tends to take more in than you would at first realise. Try it and Good Luck!

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