Anyone know of universities that only require 2 A levels to do in Mental Health/Mental Health Nursing??

Question:I know that most uni's require 3 A levels or an access course but I understand Bedfordshire uni only want 2, is there any other uni's that do this, especially in the southwest?

Please answer asap.

Thanks xx

Anglia Ruskin University
Bournemouth University
Are 2 that i think will allow students with 2 a levels.
Try going to the UCAS Website and checking it out:
Try university campus Suffolk, but bear in mind they are also interested in work/voluntary experience. Wrong location I know but worth checking out.
My wife did her qualification at Bedfordshire Uni.
She decided against the standard degree and opted for the better starting qualification of Diploma in Higher Education.
This course originally was developed about 25 years ago as an access to other degrees and follows a very good option route.
So you join the course and opt for 4 courses all interlinked but can be widely different.
Then at the end of the first semester you opt for 4 more sections which are usually related to the one or more of the first choice.
And so on. She finally came out with Diploma of Higher Education in Nursing.
This then allows her to Nurse and progress up the standard levels in nursing OR to join a degree course in the third year.
Its a two year course and really allows you to pick and choose whats best for you.
I know many people who started in a Dip H.E choosing 4 courses like Electronics, Psychology, Sociology & Politics and they are now a Psychologist working as a lecturer in applied Pschology and they had never thought of it.
The Dip H.E in Nursing is obviously much more specific but a good course tailor made for you and allows the move to BSc in Nursing later on if required.

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