Any good university suggestions for Boston or New York?

Question:Second NYU a private university?

and yeah, any suggestions for universities in Boston? im not talking Harvard...but "just right" thanks awhole bunch!

NYU Is Private.

New York:

Albany University
Columbia University
Cornell College
Stony brook
NY University..Of Course

But Boston: I'm Not Sure, Of From New York. Lol
I work at Columbia University so i'm a bit partial.
nyc i believe is a private university.

and boston university is amazing as well as boston college. Northeastern U, Suffolk U are both good schools as well. I'm not sure what you want to major in, but I'm looking at the Massachusetts college or pharmacy and health sciences which is also in boston.

boston is an amazing city. many of the schools i'm applying to are in boston. good luck!
NYU is private. Its a very good school, but Columbia is better. In queens St. John's is very good as well.
Boston - Boston University and College, and don't forget MIT.
NYU is private

-Boston College (not "university" but very good)
-Boston University
-Northeastern University
-Tufts University

NYU is private. I assume you mean in NYC, and not in the state of New York, and that you're interested in large universities, and not colleges.

NYC: NYU, Columbia, the various campuses of the City University of New York, Fordham


Boston University and Northeastern University in the city itself

Harvard, MIT, Brandeis and Tufts in the nearby suburbs

Also Boston College, which is actually a university, but started out as a college and couldn't change its name to Boston University for obvious reasons.

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