About cornell?

Question:If someone is accepted by Cornell but can't swim. Can she graduate?
Is Cornell's computer science program good?

You can still graduate!
If you do not take the swim test, you will automatically be enrolled in Beginner's Swimming for your fall semester. Once you learn how to swim, your instructor will ask you to take the swim test during class (1 lap on your stomach, 1 on your back, 1 of your choice). If you take the class, the instructors are generally more lenient with the requirements of the test (they'll pretty much pass you if you make it near the end of the pool).

If for some reason you do not pass the swimming test by the end of your class, you must either take the class again (and you will have fulfilled the swim requirement whether you can swim or not) or take the swim test at another time.

Most Cornell programs are good. So yes, the Computer Science program is good.
yeah you can still graduate but you have to take a swim class for P.E. which is supposed to be pretty boring...

I don't know about Cornell's computer Science program, but my brother goes there and he loves it :]
Of course she can graduate. If I remember correctly, the swim test is 75 yards (3 laps). If you can't swim, you'll need to take a PE class in swimming. That's OK, since PE classes are required for all freshman. You can use that towards your graduation requirement.

As for CS, Cornell has one of the best CS program in the country. I have several friends who were CS majors at Cornell. You work with some of the smartest students and professors in the world. The computer facility is also top notch. You won't be disappointed.

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