A close family member told me I should think about it before I spend more in college.?

Question:A close member said I should think about it before I spent any more time In school because I am getting older. Why would this person say this. I am 35 and hopefully, I will graduate before I am 40. I have 20 more years to work. I think working 20 years is plenty of time to work after I graduate from college. She got her associate degree in social work. Can she be jealous or want to be the first one to get a Bachelors in our family. Nobody has ever went to college in our family. Maybe, she is afraid I will be above her if I have a degree and she doesn't have one. She has a weird way of thinking and set double standards. She told me I should go to a technical school because I have only 30 credit hours in 3 years. Another words, she called me a dumb ***. She talks about going back to college but then she tries to get me to quit. What the ****! My family members do not support me so college has been hard for me. Plus, I have a child too. Any good advice that might cheer me up.

First off there is no such thing as an associates degree in social work, so if that is what she told you...she does not know much. The lowest level social work degree is a bachelors. She may have an associates in human service studies.

Now as for taking time to go through college. This is increasingly the norm, especially for part time students. 30 units in three years sounds like you are averaging 5 units per semester (which would be the 2 semesters per year, taking no courses in the summers). Now 6 units is considered part time (go over this and you may actually have to pay full time tuition). The most units you could have in three years if you went in the summers as well is 54 6X 9 semesters. However, this is a full load if you are working and raising a family. So I'd say you can actually feel good. If you stay on your present course you will have your AA done in 3 more years. If you decide to go on for your BA you might decide to go a bit faster for the next 60 units and plan on finishing in 4 yrs.

Whether your sister is jealous, scared, or some other underlying emotion is probably true. She may know how hard it has been for her and is worried for you. Your best strategy is to say "won't it be great if we can both finish college" Won't it be great for our kids and our family. Take the high road.

Sounds like jealousy to me! Keep working! It is easier to get more financial aid if you are full time though. You can get enough through scholarships, grants and student loans so you do not have to work but maybe one part-time job.

Just keep on going!
I am a firm believer in education, no matter what level at what age. Education helps people learn to think - usually critically, but other times in a business, financial sense. Listen to yourself. Continue with your education. Example, my mom earned a grad degree when she was about 60. It helped her professionally and gave her a great footing on which to retire. Go for it!
Screw what others think. You know getting your degree is the thing to do. Make sure the needs of your family are met, but forge ahead with college. In the end, it will pay off, I guarantee it.

Also, do your best to see what financial aid you can get, a whole other issue. Best of luck.
No, I dont think this person really cares in the jealousy angle. Perhaps she has her own personal 'picture' on how ones future should be led, or is bothered that you are taking the plunge that she finds difficult to start for herself At anyrate, check with a school counselour to make sure you are taking the right classes and credit amounts to obtain your goal along with any scholarships. ( not all scholaships require straight a grades). There may be one for single parenting. Either way, get an affirmative action plan going and stick to it.
Maybe your family member can learn from your actions.
You can't get a soc work job with an AA. She is probably pretty bitter. You need the ba to be a real social worker. Too bad for her.

You know you're doing the best thing, getting an education. Everybody has people in their life who talk s***, there's not much you can do but recognize it for what it is.

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