Adult nursing course?

Question:I got my results today and I got into Southampton university (UK)! I'm doing the honours degree, any advice to give? :-)

Congratulations!! I remember how happy I was when I found out I was accepted into the nursing program! That was16 years ago, and yes, I was an "adult" , 36 yrs old at the time, and had been out of school for close to 20 years! (I'm 53 now)It was the BEST decision I ever made! It was tough but I was determined.My best advice would be to try to stay motivated and on top of things. The core courses of nursing are the most difficult, they are the real "skills" that are your base of knowledge in nursing. Make sure you set aside enough time and a peaceful place for studying. Once you are part way through and if you're doing well, its GREAT to get a part time job in a setting where you think you may want to work. It can be as an aide or a volunteer. It is something I didn't do but should have. Best of luck to you. You will never regret it!

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