ACT Question?

Question:I recently took the ACT Plus Writing and scored a 23 on it. Is that a decent score? I am not exactly sure what the average scores are, so that is why I am asking.

23 is a gorgeous score. I took the ACT in high school as well, don't remember what on earth the score was though.
23 is about average. I'd try taking it again just to see if you can bump it up though. If you have the time, you'd might as well; colleges would like to see you made the effort, and if you do worse, they'd just look at the 23
The ACT is out of 36 -
depending on the school - they sometimes look at the SAT more than the ACT. Check out the schools you might apply to and see if they look at the ACT and what they might consider a 'decent' score. you can retake the test if you want - just tlike the SAT

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