Am I shooting too high, college wise?

Question:I'm the average student, who when it comes to math and science is mostly a B-, C+ student. History, English, and all my other major classes is where I get the A's. All my classes next year (senior year) are pretty tough classes, including AP Human Geography.

It's been my dream since I was 10 (and knew what college was) to go to Yale or Brown. Honestly, I know it's stupid to think I can get in. But is it worth it to try anyway? Or should I give up now?

Don't fret too much, college admissions at a top university is more than just good grades. SAT's, essays, extracirriculars, community service, etc are just as important as grades and GPA. Seeing that you're just an average student set on Yale or Brown, I'd say you're shooting a bit high. But don't let that get you down! Work your butt off for it, and you never know, you could really get in.

And just so you know, it's not the end of the world if you don't get accepted for freshman year. Just go to another college, make good grades, and apply to transfer to Yale/Brown next fall. I've always heard that it's easier to get into a top university as a transfer student than applying as a new student for freshman year.

I wish you the best of luck! Don't give up on your dreams!
you can apply to any schools you want...but honestly it may be difficult with the grades in math and science. it really doesn't matter which colleges you apply to as long as you get good grades and get into a good masters program! good luck!
Why do you think it's stupid, if your school counsellor is worth her pay she will help you find ways to get there. It's a lot of work, but aren't you worth it?
Well if that's been your dream for years you should have did more than remain the average student. You should have studied your butt off to NOT be the average C+ student.

Good luck, make a good SAT/ACT score and poor your heart out in an essay.

But they still look at GPA. A high SAT score can be a fluke (you just had a REALLY good morning) but your GPA tells how much effort you'll put into the schoolwork they give you
i dont want to be harsh but if had a C+ then you cant get into the ivies. Its really great that you do well in other classes but if have bs and c's in math and science you cant get in. You need a killer score. you can definetley get into really prestigous universities im sure. like of the top of my head you could get into like NYC, SUNY Binghamton, Geneseo, stonybrook, UCLA, UC-berkley. sorry i cant think of more of the top of my head. but those type of schools i think you could. it would be helpful if u post your GPA and SAT scores.
If you have rich, powerful parents, then it's no problem. If not, then look somewhere else.
you can think the state university. Yale or Pen state or Brown... you'd better not thinking about it. I'm so sorry to say this kind of university is extremely hard to get in. Usually, even to outstanding students, they have only 10% chance to come in. However, it's not impossbile to you. You can get the graduate school at Yale or Brown if you are studying really hard at state university. whatever, just keeping the hope, the God will give surprise to you! Good Luck!
I can honestly tell you it isn't worth it to try- even the best, all-A students with multiple activities have a chance of being turned down from the top colleges. But don't let that discourage you- instead of putting your energy into applying to Ivy League, spend all the time you can putting your effort into finding a place that's appropriate for you. The "top" colleges very likely are not the place for you, they aren't for everyone. I personally am having a great experience at a small college thats not so well-known. It's important to realize the colleges everyone totes are not really the best for an individual- and undergrads at those schools are sometimes ignored, better to save it for grad school.
do not think like that just try to do you best this year. I order to getin those schoolds you need to focus oon your studies

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