AGHHHH! School's about to start!! HELP!!?

Question:I will be attending a university very soon (2 weeks). It will be my first time attending a university (fresh out of Jr. College). The problem is that I am freaking out!! For some reason I am afraid... Don't know why though? It's weird. Do you have suggestions for me. What should I do. I think I am afraid of failure, or afraid of not making it through!! (SO frustrated and I'm about to start!)

I am doing the exact same thing! I just got my associates and now I'm starting at a 4 year... On MONDAY! I was freaking out but then I convinced myself that Going crazy wont help! So I'm telling my self it will be the same... I'll just have to work a little harder and there may be more people in my classes!
It's really no big deal, go to class, do the work, calm down and you WILL be fine!
At least we are done with a basics... I think that was a lot worse... now I get to take the classes the really interest me!
You should feel really bad for me though... I'm an English major and I'm having to take two upper level English classes at the same time! Along with Communication theory (HARD) and sign language (my foreign language)!
I didn't plan that out very well.
Did you check out your teachers ratings? If not do that, that way you'll know what to expect!
dude, chill, Okay? :)
I`m sure it`ll be fine. YOu just need to calm down. Your going to be stressing out about it, and then your anxiety will just get worse. You need to get your mind on some thing else :)
Good Luck
Peace Out
Just relax. It's not as bad as you fear. Go to class, do your homework, and study, and you'll be fine.
Your school will offer mixers to help you get to know people. Also sign up for campus tours, workshops, and anything else they are offering incoming freshman. If you are assigned a roommate in your dorm that should give you an automatic buddy.

Ask for help. People will be happy to show you how to sign up for courses and get your schedule in order. It's going to be okay. Many others are feeling the same way. Change is a big deal to many people. You be the one to extend a smile and some kindness and you'll make friends just fine.

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