ACT writing portion - which colleges require it?

Question:I scored a 30 on my ACT back in March and didn't take the writing portion of the test. I am heading into my senior year of high school and making decisions about colleges I'm interested in. I'm wondering if anyone has a good resource about the colleges that require the ACT plus writing. I haven't been able to find a cohesive list or anything that gives more information about the writing portion. All I know is that many colleges don't require it and some do. If anyone could direct me towards some resources on investigating this further, I would appreciate it greatly. If I do need to take the writing portion to get into a four year university I need to know about it now. Also, does anyone know when the absolute last deadline for taking the ACT plus writing and turning in that score on applications and still be able to attend college in the fall of 2008 would be? Thank you!

Congrats on your score, however, when i took the ACT the first time I did it at my school which did not take part in the writing exam. I had to retake the ACT w/ writing which dropped my composite from a 32 to a 29 w/ 8 on the writing part. Most of the top Universities I was applying for would've laughed at this score, so I took the SAT and scored significantly higher. Any top school will require the ACT w/ writing, but to actually check which ones go to They have a section on there.

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