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Question:Hey i was just wondering if anyone knew if i can do a Biomedical course and still study Medicine afterwards? And how long that takes, how many years that is?

Yes you can take a graduate entry medicine course. They are 4 years long and are really intense. A friend of mind has their course running 50 out of 52 weeks a year. A list of graduate entry medicine course suppliers and links can be found at http://www.chms.ac.uk/graduate_entry_cou...

Further information can be found at http://student.bmj.com/search/pdf/04/10/...

You'll need to do quite well in your first degree though.
a medical degree is 5 years - a bio degree is 4 years. 9 years, maybe it could be shortend to 7/8 years but i dont know. very awkward way around it - why not do a degree in medicine with biomedical studies?
i got my results 2day and have been accepted onto a biomedical science degree...

YES... u would need to achieve at least a 2:1 in ur degree but u can then do medicine

biomedical is 3 years and then (as ur a graduate) ur med school would be 4 years= 7 years

good luck

u mite be able to do it all within 9 years
you can do it at some unis, but the way its usually done is by doing the complete biomed course (4ish years) then the top 5% or something like that are offered the chance to enter medicine degree at 2nd year. Then youd have to do another 4 years at uni for medicine plus all the training after that. You'd be talking at least 8 or 9 years.could be a lot of debt!

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