What are some of the better colleges that adopt 28 on the ACT next to a 3.4 gpa?

Answers:    In response to the answer below, Princeton/Stanford type schools are patently out of the question. That's okay, though--just because they enjoy the 'name' doesn't mean they're necessarily for you!
Anyway. Some school you could look at with those score:
Franklin & Marshall (I looked here--it's SO nice), U Richmond, Dickinson, Skidmore, Denison, Gettysburg, Hobart & William Smith, Susquehanna, American, Hampshire...
The thing beside those scores/GPA is that it kind of comes down to things similar to your application (essays and recommendations) and your extracurriculars.
If you look at this list, you enjoy the top liberal arts colleges:
You shouldn't aim for schools surrounded by the top 25 (although those could be some "reaches" for SURE if you really like them--of if you are applying ED!)
There is no positive answer to this. I'm sure there are a few students who enjoy managed to squeeze their method into schools resembling Stanford and Rice with not-quite-stellar grades, but they probably have stunning extracurricular activities or other things to pay for them up.

If you're looking at getting into a higher-ranked university, just hold on to on doing your best. Get involved in something, never consent to your grades slip, and write a stunning essay. And of course, apply for sanctuary schools contained by case you don't carry into that dream school of yours.

Best of luck.

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