Anyone going to college soon?

Question:This time eventually comes for many people. Just wondering how people out there feel about it. Are you one of those that can't wait to get out and live off on your own, or one of those that's scared of going out into the real world. For me I've liked being a minor and not have to worry about being an adult all these years. Some people want to become adults so fast they usually forget the difficulties of being an adult. After graduating high school I realized it probably won't be the same again once I start college. 10 years ago I was a kid in elementary; 10 years from now I may have a job and may not be that far off of possibly being a parent in a couple years. I'm excited and a little scared at the same time, but I can't wait to experience the next arc of my life. How do you guys feel?

Eleven years ago I was just like you! I went to school, it was a little scary at first, and then after four years I got my B.A. in English Lit with a minor in philosophy! Then after I worked in retail for four years I went back to school for a few years and got my teaching license, it was pretty exciting! Then, I was a sub for a few more years, seeing as no one needs an English teacher...everyone who knows how to read can be an English teacher. So I just started school! It's so much fun! Just finished my first week, woohoo! Hopefully this business choice will be profitable in the future, as ten years ago I thought I'd have a job in ten years. bah.
Although I like not having to worry about adult things, I think it'll be a great experience to see how much I can do on my own. I think it's like a stepping stone in life, something that just makes you stronger.
i just graduated in june...and started at a polytechnic school yesterday.i feel like sh*t because i had to spend $714.33 on text books. i am staying home.considering after these expenditures i would never be able to afford to move out...but i can pretty much do what i want anyway..i'm a generally good girl. i'm not excited to grow up to be honest...i don't want those responsibilities...i have a lot even now...and i have a dog too. she is like a child. i'd rather be in high school for ever now that i realize i'm never going back.
college will be the best experience of your life. and altho u will have alil more responsibility.they aren't huge ones...ur gonna LOOOOOOVE it. You're not a full on adult just have all the fun while you can, keep up with ur studies and make it a great time. dont think college is so serious. be single! party!

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