Any college students overly excited about the semester starting up?

Question:I kind of am, but the cost of everything kills me everytime... $200 for a textbook. :-/

College is very exciting. Buying books can be painful, but try to buy them online. I saved a ton of money buying almost all of my books online. I would save like 40-70% per book.
I cannot wait for the semester to start. It's so tough being at home for the summer after 8 months at college. Everyone goes to bed at like 9:00pm, and its borrrrrrrring. I'll pay 700$ per book if I could go back today (well...not really). I think i've saved up enough to live comfortably up at school this year, but I have a job up there anyways. It's a good warm up for the real world having to pay for food, bills, and all the necessities, but its tough! Have a great year!
I am sooo excited I start on aug. 28, college is really epensive, but it is really worth it when you get that really good job that you've always dreamed of when you were little :)
Yeah, I can't wait.
Yea.. I f*&^ed up last quarter n I wanna get on the deans list in fall ... cant wait for it to start

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