Any microbiology technician in the house?(or perspective ones)?

Question:I'm interested in being a microbiology tech but would like to know if they pay is great, if there's a lot of career opportunities in it and what exactly does the job entail. Because what I'm trying to be is a bacteriologist but I want to have a great paying job in the filed first, I don't want to stay in the low paying jobs like 11-14/hr like I am now. And I heard being a microbiologist tech is great pay and it would be good to be that while still going to school to become a bacteriologist. Any possible info or suggestions anyone has or web I could go to that will tell me exactly the classes to take and the degree to get to have my feet in the field. I already have an associate degree and am working towards a B.S in microbiology. Thank you

First off, are you wanting to be a research tech/associate or a med tech? They are different jobs that have different requirements.

Sorry to break it to you but microbiology is not a high paying field. I don't know who told you microbiolgy is a great field for pay but I would like to know where they got their information. A lot of it will depend on where you live. Where I live, a med techs make 11-14/hr. If you are a research tech/associate, the pay is better but you may have a hard time finding a well paying job with only a Bachelor's degree. Many research associates will have a Master's degree.

I you could tell me exactly what you man by micro tech (i.e. what the job entails, etc.) then I can give you more specific answers about classes to take, etc.

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