A masters degree in adult education, a good idea?

Question:Last time I posted this Yahoo removed it. A masters degree in adult ed. Good idea? What kinds of jobs will be available? Good pay? Worth the investment?

I don't have an answer, only that I used to wonder the same thing. I was told you can get a job teaching something you were specialized in.

In my case, I want to eventually teach community college part time. I am going to grad school for I-O Psychology, and could possibly teach Intro to Psych or Human Resource/Organizational courses. I asked a professor if I should finish this degree, and then take the adult education program. He told me that there was not really a need to, because in my state (and many others) I could teach if I had a master's degree with at least 18 graduate credit hours in my field of specialization (in my case psych).

However, the adult education program would still be useful in gaining knowledge on instruction design and experience teaching for beginners, so I am still considering it.

I know there are many more opportunities available after getting this degree, but I just don't know what they are.

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