Any good on-line Paralegal Schools?

Question:I already have my B.S. degree and from what I have learned by asking lawyers is that any Paralegal school would be fine- it doesn't have to be an ABA approved school.

However, there are MANY on-line schools and I don't want to get caught up with the wrong one.

Are there any good schools you know of?

I can tell you that your best bet is to go to an on-site school. I did that and it still took me 2 years to land my first paralegal job. It is a TOUGH field to break have to find a lawyer with an open position who is willing to hire a new grad. All of the ones I applied to wanted someone with experience, thus the reason it took me 2 years and over 100 resumes.
BTW, you didn't mention what your BS was in.
i wouldn't go thru an online school. you really should go to a "real" school. you need hands on thru school and a job. and NO its not a hard field to break into. there are plenty of attorneys around. try your hand at becoming a legal assistant to get an understanding of what is needed.

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