Advice and tips for getting into unviersity?

Question:I'm a high school sophmore right now and during my freshmen year I got an embarassing 3.33 G.P.A. . I plan on attanding the big schools like Stanford, UCLA, Pepperdine, etc. Can anyone give me the good requirements for these schools and any good helpful tips? I really want to work hard and not get distracted because im a gamer as well. Thanks !

3.33 is not a bad gpa at all. however, get into some extracurriculars. join a sport. go out for student government. do volunteer work. become an intern. grades aren't everything. check the schools' websites for their minimum SAT scores if they have any. that's what you have to shoot for. good luck!
Hey if you plan on getting into one of those schools a 3.33 won't cut it and obviously you know that. Extra curriculars for a school like that would stand out a little from the thousands of other applications. I think the thing that makes the biggest difference is a letter of recommendation. I went to school with a girl and it took a letter from 2 former presidents and a former vice president to get into Princeton and she was the Valedictorian of her class and had a 4.0 (99.8) GPA. If you want to get into one of those big schools the games are more than likely going to have to go my friends. Spend most of your time studying or doing other activities to make yourself stand out. Otherwise settle for a different college. Anyway good luck,

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