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Question:Hi there, Im from London and planning to move to US in 2008 to take on a film course, prefeably in Los Angeles or NYC, but been having trouble finding the right Uni/college for me.

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My A-level/highschool grades are not the best so im thinking how hard it will be to get in the average unis, not the top ones and nothing to low down, example ITT-Tech style!
- Do US international students have to be A/B students just to get into the average Uni/College??

- Also, what is the time table of the College years??
I.E in england all universities start roughly in september.

- And the big Q, im looking for a average Uni/College for a film course. Does not have to specilise in film as i would like to be around different types of people. One that have a good social life with young students and nice dorms.

In the US, there are reputable, solid universities for people at all levels. You can have below a B average, and still get into a reputable university. It won't be New York University or UCLA (two of the best film schools in the world), but it will be a solid university with decent academics and which is appropriately accredited. No need for ITT Tech!

Most universities start their year in September, although some in the warmer states start in August, and some in NYC start as late as October. However, you can also start in the Spring term, which begins around January/February. But most people start around September.

You will need to take the SAT or the ACT exam to get into most US Universities. You can take this in the UK. The webpages for the schools you're interested in will let you know if you need this exam.

Some broad universities which offer film as a major, in the LA area, include:

- Cal State, Long Beach
- Cal State, Los Angeles
- Cal State, Northridge
- Chapman University
- Loyola Marymount
- San Diego State
- University of California, San Diego
- University of California, Irvine
- University of California, Santa Cruz

I'm fuzzy on S. CA geography, so you'll need to check a couple of these in terms of true distance to LA.

Note that, in general, the "University of California" schools will be more competetitive than the "Cal State" schools.

In NY, they include the following. Note that I'm including some that are in New Jersey or in the NY suburbs, but are metro NYC:

- Fairleigh Dickinson University
- City College of New York (part of CUNY)
- SUNY Purchase
- Vassar

I think that Fordham University offers this, too, but I'm not sure. Worth looking into.

I've left off the top programs, such as NYU, UCLA, Columbia U, and USC, per your request. The schools I did list would be more likely to let in an average student. Still, if you have a great portfolio, but your grades are so-so, you can apply to these top schools anyway on the strength of the portfolio and see what happens. Likewise, I've left off art schools, per your request.

Good luck!
California Insitute of the Arts, or CalArts, located in Los Angeles has a film major. University of Southern California, also located in Los Angeles, has an outstanding film school.

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