After BCA what should be done MBA or MCA?? what is the expected salary??

Dear Anmol,

You are facing dilemma like many other graduates who can't decide where to specialize in.

Look first make it clear what you are interested in - "Computers" or "Administration"

If your focus is only good salary rather than your passions then do the following -

1. On basis of your BCA degree get a job in some software firm for 1 year. Don't expect more than Rs.3000-Rs.4000.

2. Simultaneously prepare for CAT. Get a good percentile and go for IIM's or at ISB Hyderabad. The 1 year job experience shall give you an advantage while securing admission at MBA schools and shall give you an head advantage at job placements.

If you follow the above judiciously let me guarantee you are bound to earn LACS in a month.

Hope you do well. Best luck my dear.

MCA won't fetch you a good salary at all even if you are a gold medalist there.
Basically u r a computer science candidate, choose MCA only.Switch over to other field makes troubles.
gniit from niit can be a good choice .
MBA from a very good institute help. Otherwise do MCA
you should definitely do MCA as it gives you a very good technical knowledga and takes you into the booming it industry.your salary depends on the college you take an dmy brother did MCA and he is now in infosys earning abt 8LAKHSper you should be getting some where around that mark and good luck.
after BCA you should do MCA and do some couse on AS400 on software field these days there are good opening in As400 and minimum salary you get in AS400 field is 2.5 lacs p.a and i can tell you the best institute in Noida they are providing good course in AS400.

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