Am I Unique Enough for Stanford?

Question:I'm going to be a sophomore this year.
Last year I:
Youth Group 1 hour a week
Yearbook (writer/photographer) 15 hours a week -not a freshman class, had to struggle and work hard to get in
all honors classes
slacked a little in grades (got a 3.65 gpa) normally i get straight a's but i had family problems, following years i should get all a's
babysit reguraly
volunteer at a christian day camp- 80 hours
about 20 hours of other volunteering

sophomore year i will be:
the assistant editor (youngest in our yearbooks history)- 20-25 hours a week
will probably join campus light and key club
will do about 15-20 hours of volunteer work with the LIFE program that helps animals get adopted
i will participate in the people to people student ambassadors program in europe
maybe work at the camp again for another 80 hours

our yearbook has won national awards.
i will also (hopefully) become a national merit scholar. I test extremely well

i snowboard and wakeboard

anything else i can do now?

u have a lotta activities..but they're all pretty normal volunteer stuff.
i went to a very competitive high school where kids who did all that stuff you did and got 35 ACT scores and Straight As with all APs didnt get accepted.

actually there were two that were accepted. one of them does ryhmic gymnastics and is going to the 2008 olympics to compete. thats how "unique" u gotta be.
anyways. its too soon to tell. u havent even taken the SATs yet.
Your gonna be a sophomore this year...ask that question after junior year though, you got a while to go my friend. And you won't know how unique you are untill you get a letter of acceptance. Just keep up good grades, do a lot of community service/after school activities. And don't forget about the SAT/ACT. Take a prep course so you can get a kick asss score. Nail the college essay, and your chances will be greater.
Work on your modesty and humility.

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