Transfer Admission Programs — UC San Diego?

Question:The Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program assists students at participating California community colleges in transferring to UCSD. TAG students enter into a contract that specifies requirements they must satisfy at a community college and guarantees admission to the UCSD college and term of choice, but not necessarily to an oversubscribed major. Admission to highly selective majors, such as certain engineering majors, is not guaranteed.

What does that mean? Does it mean you could still get rejected? If you get rejected from an oversubscribed major are you still in ucsd if you are a tag student?.

UCSD is full of students who are majoring in science & engineering & because there's such a large percentage of us that are, it can lead to overcrowding in classrooms & i think thats why the tag program says that people who choose to major in these popular majors may not get accepted. But I dont think you have anything to worry about. However, to get around this, you can pick a major that is less competitive while at a community college (however, pick a major that is closed to your desire major so that you can get rid of some of the requirement at a community college) & then when you complete your undergraduate requirements & transfer to ucsd, you can declare the major you actually want such as biology or biochemistry--they wont turn you down unless you get below a 2.50 gpa. Hope this was helpful. Good luck with everything!

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