Any tips to not start slacking off during school?

Question:Anybody have any tips so i wont start slacking off in school. Im goign to be a freshman and usually i start \slacking off towards the middle of the school year, and my grades show it. I am going to be a neonatal nurse so i need to get in med school. And this year i am in advanced classes, all of them are advanced so i def cant slack off.

try to always get a good nite's sleep..dont hang around ppl who dont care about their grades..remember your goal (write it down in a place u know u will always see it, so u never forget it)..learn to motivate urself -- ex: have a big bowl of ice cream if u finish all ur homework/studying by 9pm (just and example -- u'll find what works for u)..get some good study habits...keep positive quotes/sayings posted on ur walls or in ur books or wherever u'll see them to keep u inspired..good luck!!
study each subject 10 min. a day. i slack to and im hopeing my advice will help me
Don't bother... you don't need to try to pass, just make sure ur passing and the rest is all sweet. Enjoy ur life aswell.
yeah i know how that is. but if they're advanced classes that require constant effort to maintain decent grades then maybe you'll be more motivated, take notes of everything in class so you stay focused, helps you remember things for tests and papers too.
Sit in the front row, get a study partner, leave one of those hanging kitty inspirational posters in your room. Do what ever it takes to keep going. Give yourself a reward when you get all of your work done. There is a ton of stuff you can do, but mostly, you need to stick your nose to the grindstone.
1-dont walk with bad friend who like to slack.
2-conceterate on your goal .
3-think about what you gonna loss if you slack .
hmm thats all i got for now , i hope i helped you .
Well... I'm only in year 9 but the same happens to me. I've found that I work much better in a clean environment and at places such as the library. I also try to do as much work as I can by hand rather than on the computer to help minimize distractions. Also, just closing everything except my work on the computer can also help and just thinking "I've got to do my work. Opening distractions is just being an idiot." I'm still not a great worker (I procrastinate far too much) yet this still does help :)
Make goals(rewards) for yourself. If you want to get an A on a big test, say 'OK, if I get an A, I'll go get a new shirt.' or something small. If you want to set a bigger goal, like getting all A's in all your classes, tell yourself 'If I get all A's, I'll treat myself to a whole outfit.'
If clothes aren't your favorite thing, make it something else you like better.
well .
number one.
forget about guys!!
my freshmen year- witch was last year
i was so sidetracked with girls.
that it rely affected my grades.
and I'm in all advanced classes too.
not to mention algebra 2 XD
and i found out. that when i was single. i paid WAY more attention in class then when i was with a girl.
and my grades totally showed it.
just keep your head out of all the distractions
and you should be fine

and just a tip
meet with you councillors ever now and then to discuss you career plan.
believe me it totally helps! =]

good luck =}

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