Any thoughts on a Social Science major with a minor in Creative Writing.?

Question:My Social Science major would have a concentration in Psychology, and I am thinking I might get into teaching down the line.
I'm not sure what I can do with the creative writing minor, but it is something interesting to me. Would it be more beneficial to have an English minor, both for teaching and for other potential career opportunities?

Go for it. A creative writing minor will be useful to you because--obviously--it will help you to write better. Believe it or not, on some level, writing poetry and short stories will help you write research papers (or teaching students to write them). Writing well is VERY important to any academic or teaching field and wouldn't hurt in any career, even if it ends up meaning that you write very good surveys. A more general English major will also help your writing skills, but would be heavier on literary criticism.

You can probably even do an English minor with several of those credits coming from creative writing classes if you're torn between the two (I did this). But either one will be useful. Do creative writing if it interests you.
Go for it. You'd get plenty of English credits with this minor.

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