Advice on whether to go straight to my PH.D or teach?

Question:I am currently a junior in college, majoring in English Ed for highschool. Lately I've been thinking about whether I want to go for my masters and then my PH.D (I really want to teach college level) or if I should teach highschool for a while then go back to school. I'm taking a few things into consideration. I'm paying for school on my own and am going to owe about 50,000 after I get my bachelors and I don't know if continuing my schooling will enable me to start paying on my loans after I am completely finished. I also don't know if you need to be exceptionally gifted to teach college, I would say I'm above average but nothing spectacular.

I am really just looking for any advice that anyone could give me. I'm doing the whole college thing compeletely on my own with no one to turn to for advice.


Well, if teaching at the college level is what you want to do, there's not much reason to wait. It's not bad to take a year or two to explore or take a break and it won't hurt your chances of getting in, but remember that if you take too long you might forget how to be a student or lose motivation to go back.

For most PhD programs in English (you will want English lit, not English education), you will have a teaching assistantship, which means you'll either teach your own class or co-teach one with a professor. These are paid (not much), give you valuable experience and, in my opinion, are more enjoyable than teaching high school. Also, any program worth attending will also offer you a tuition waiver, which means it's free.

As for student loans, those will stay, but they are deferred throughout grad school and with any luck you won't have to take out any more. And assuming you do, in fact, get a job teaching at the college level when you finish, it will probably pay more than first-year high school teacher salary.

Talk to one of your profs about your options. You will need letters of recommendation anyway, and I'm sure your profs will be happy to give you advice and share information.

Edited to add: PhDs--and most, but not all, college professor jobs--are very research intensive. If you're only interested in teaching, be warned! It is possible to get a teaching-only job at a college, but there is still the dissertation in between. You don't have to be "exceptionally gifted" to do it, but it is hard work and it helps if you enjoy it.
I'm only a freshman in college but what I was going to was to go ahead and teach at the high school level. I was thinking about taking classes online (one of my teachers did that) to further my education.

Since you have a summer break, maybe you could consider taking summer classes, that was another thing I was thinking about doing.

About the loans. I think it is better to teach some so you can pay off the loans sooner. I'd hate to wait until all those many years add up to HUGE loans.

Good luck!
Your options will be: (a) go directly for the MA PhD, in which case your student loans will be deferred until doctoral graduation, though you will probably have even more student loan debt for grad school; or (b) teach high school and get an online MA in English from either Mercy College or National University followed by a short-residency PhD in English from the Union Institute or a four-summer PhD in English from Indiana University Pennsylvania .

EDIT: A couple of other options for the distance learning master's are the MA in Humanities with Literature Emphasis at California State University Dominguez Hills or the MLS with English Concentration from Fort Hays State University .

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