Am I the only 36 year old in college trying to get a degree?

Absolutely not. Your classmates have the advantage of youth and endless energy, true. However, you have the advantage of discipline and purpose. You know the value of a dollar and a college education by now! You're less likely to get caught up in campus politics, high-jinks, unwanted pregnancy and drug abuse! LOL! (but kinda sad.)
Don't worry, your brain will get moving shortly! I'm 50 and just went back to grad school this summer. Aced both classes! You will do fine too!
No. I work at a college as a student advisor and I have worked with people all the way from 17 to 65.
yea of cource
No, I have a Friend who is 50 pursuing a Bachelor's degree right now
I returned to college at 39 and two bachelor's and a master's later, I'm not even close to being done. 45 now and several more degree goals to go...

We are everywhere! :-) We're going to take over the campus.
Hey don't let you age be something that gets in the way of your education. I am 18 years old, and I am a sophomore in college, most of my peers are my age, but I have also had classmate who were in their 30's as well. I think it is great that you along with many other working people are in college...age doesn't matter to me in the school setting. As long as you are happy and accomplishing your goals, I say you have every right to attend regardless of your age. My point is that there are many people just like you who are still in school or just returning back to keep up the good work and you are an inspiration to many people who may want to return back to school. Best luck in your studies and I hope you do great things in life.

It's never too late!!
Of course not!! I understand that you may feel like it but many people much older than 36 are out there doing the same thing. If you are living in the freshman dorms or something you might feel out of place ;) but Continue learning for a lifetime and enjoy yourself. Who cares what others may think.

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