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Question:I'm entering my senior year. I just want advice on how to get rid of the stress of choosing colleges to enjoy the last year. I have my choices of college narrowed down, haven't picked one, and I'm still choosing between majors. Any help? Choosing possible careers/majors + summer work has me exhausted and on edge with nerves.

first off did you visit the places u narrowed down to? location of where to live is so important!! u dont want to live in a place whre ur gonna feel outta place ... unless ur staying in town.

for real tho RELAX :) senior year is to enjoy it not stay busy stressing! i had soo much fun and once u get an acceptance letter things get more relaxed just dont SLACK OFF!! colleges can kick you out even tho they accepted you if you really really slip the grades in the end.

as for majors.. also dont stress... unless ur really sure but most likely ur gonna choose somthing and then end up changing.. i went from forensic pathology to business marketing... in the middle of my freshman year... lol. :) plus the beginning years are your core classs like math and science so u got llike 2 years to really really know what you want .

hope i helped
don't stress about it. you will be stressing enough once you get to college, trust me.
well your one step ahead because you have narrowed your choices down so that is good. now all you have to do is send in your transcripts and wait to see if they accept you. once you have your letters of acceptance then you have to pick.
you really don't have to worry about picking a major right away because you have to do you general ed, which will probably take a year or two.
so don't stress about it now, enjoy your senior year and stress about it later.
get ur own binder for college, like have all the letters from college and all that stuff in that binder. its like its own class. good luck

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