About how many classes would equal 60 credits?

60 semester hours is equal to about 2 years of full time study assuming a fall and spring semester each year at 15 hours.

Using 3 hour classes, it's 20 classes or 5 per semester.

You could speed up the process by adding the summer sessions or taking an overload. The reduction in time wouldn't be all that significant though, maybe one semester total.

You could also attempt CLEP/DANTES examinations for credit. The five general CLEP exams are worth a combined 30 hours of credit.
That would make 20 3 credit hour classes!

The fastest way to do them would be to take classes all year. Without getting special permission for course overload, most college students could finish 60 credits in about a year and a half by taking 5 courses in fall, winter, summer and then again in the fall.
It really depends on what the classes are in and which school you are attending. Some schools have switched to offering all classes at 4 credits each. This doesn't usually mean more classroom time, but more time spent outside of class doing other activities (trips with the class, a project, etc). Other schools offer most classes at 3 credits each except for lab courses such as computer science courses, science courses (biology, chemistry, geology, physics, etc) and some math courses (some statistics and calculus courses have a lab portion and differential equations can be 4 credits). The fastest way to get these credits in is to attend college full time and take courses during the winter and summer sessions if they are offered.

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