Anthropology jobs?

Question:I am debating whether or not to change my major to anthropology. I took an intro course & loved it. What types of jobs are out there for people graduating with a degree in cultural anthropology? Have any of you went to school to obtain that degree? Please share your thoughts!

i know that anthropology is really fascinating. but think twice. i have a friend who just graduated with a cultural ant major but he is still working at a furniture shop. i think he is teaching english in some country now.
most of the times, you got to have a masters before you can do anything in anthropology. and you will end up writing papers and journals your entire life. you get to travel a lot, but it is not as glamorous as you would think. fieldwork is pretty tedious and difficult sometimes.
well, during our career day at my high school, we had an anthropology major speak to us. she said that it is extremely difficult for her to find jobs, and sometime the internships and trips that she would like to go on in order to put her degree to some use are really really expensive. however, she loves what she does and said that going for your masters will entitle you with better job opportunities. good luck with your choice!
Professor/Education, Advertising, Social Worker/Service, Anthropologist, International Affairs, or Historic Preservation.

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