A ask roughly graduate business conservatory (MBA)?

my undergraduate gpa in economics be 3.1 I would like to travel to a decent - obedient business school for my MBA but I don't believe any of the school take my gpa. I enjoy working experience but its not a solid one as I've moved from job to duty. I can get reference but I want to know, would I have to progress back to arts school to boost my gpa? Or can I rely on a good GMAT rack up IF it comes out to be pretty strong. Can gpa be overlooked cause save then I probably will own to go fund to school to boost my gpa. Please relief thanks!

Answers:    The first item I'll say is the select b-schools consider ALL aspects of the candidate, including gpa, gmat, essays, interviews, and experience.

With regard to gpa, it's unlikely you'll be able to somehow "boost" your undergrad gpa. A 3.1 gpa, however, isn't a business breaker. In fact, I would say-so you may still be in contention beside some of the better b-school programs. GPA will depend on where you did your undergrad studies and what type of econ and elective courses you took while here. If your transcript includes challenging calculus, statistics, and econometrics courses, as ably as extracurriculars, you can make an argument for have a below average gpa. It also helps if you attended an undergrad institution that have an excellent academic reputation. If you can't manufacture any of these arguments, it may hurt your chances at some of the better b-school programs.

With regard to work experience, if you can show that you progressively took on more responsibilities (e.g. management experience) at respectively new post that shows a logical progression in profession development, you can put together an argument for your job hoping. For example, several of my former classmates, formerly they attended b-school, were software engineers who frequently moved between tech companies during the internet boom days surrounded by silicon valley, and they terminated up at b-school with me (we attended one of the "elite" b-school programs). Again, if you can't breed a convincing argument as to why you jumped job, it may hurt your chances near some of the better b-school programs.

A good GMAT gain (e.g. 700+) will help, however, the private b-schools turn away thousands of applicants with 700+ score every year, so a great GMAT score won't recover an applicant who's mediocre in every other respect.

Instead, I would recommend you focus on your b-school "story." For example, you should be capable of tell a story give or take a few how your education and experiences own led you to consider b-school at this exceptional moment in time, how THAT fussy b-school that you're applying to plays a role in your profession trajectory, and what you can offer to the b-school class experience.

If you can't address the points raise above and tell yourself a convincing story as to why you want to attend b-school, I would recommend you seriously re-consider, or at the most minuscule, focus on the 2nd tier b-school programs.

Good Luck!
Your undergrad degree is complete so how will you shift back to conservatory to boost your GPA? Since you have strewn work experience, I wouldn't advise very soon going back to college for something else at the risk of looking unfocused, and a 3.1 GPA within Econ is respectable. However, you will have to rock your GMAT's to take into a top school. If I be you I'd apply to a variety of school at different levels and don't switch job again until you've been permitted. There are plenty of second tier schools beside good MBA programs. Good luck!

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