Any colleges in CA that I can take a class in EBONICS?

Question:I'm writing a script and I would like to know how to write for black characters. Thanks

Yes, most major universities, but it's an upper level course and very hard!

It's called applied linguistics and will cover Ebonics (standard black American English dialect) as well as many others.

note: he didn't say "all black people" -- he is writing for his characters in his script and they can speak Ebonics or Russian or Klingon if he wants them to.

More edit: not all people from the south speak like a Hillbilly either but when a writer wants to portray that image, he uses dialect. I'm reminded of the works of Mark Twain here - very dialectal.

Why is there an assumption that this is a racist question? If you were writing for a German character you might dialect the writing in stereotype. That doesn't mean you are saying that all Germans speak that way or that Germans are bad. While all Germans may not speak that way, the Germans in my story do - and it's my story!

Moreover - Standard Black American English (Ebonics) has been determined to be a valid dialect by scholars. It has rules of grammar and even a literature. Of course there are classes on it. Why would that be bad?

If it exists, it should be studied. Everyone doesn't need to study it, but someone should.

#end diatribe (*&^% PC judgementalists!)

Go forth and create brother artist. And if you offend someone, you've created art!
not all black people speak ebonics .. i read this question and i couldnt believe it ..


no i havent read your script .. but you should have worded your question a little better, because THE WAY you said it sounded racist. saying that you need to take ebonics to write for black characters. i'm sorry you took offense to my answer, but thats not my problem.

wow coach, i think my answer really bothered you.
There are books out there that covers the subject of ebonics. Look them up. I remember reading one in high school, it was rather funny because you see terms and vocabs that are just ridiculous.

Perhaps searching the internet for ebonics might be your best bet.
lol, there's a class for that? I've seen the jokes on the net, but really?
not all black ppl speak're an about getting out into the real world and actually communicating w/ black people!? that would make you a better writer and help you w/ your screenplay...LEARN about doing something new like writing a movie that DOESNT stereotype black people.
It's pretty rare to have an applied languages course. Not every school has the resources for it. If you find one, you may only be able to take that class if you're enrolled in that school. For your purposes, just use the translation tools you can find on the internet.

Before you idiots bash him, read his question. Also know that there are even bigger idiots in Oakland, CA that tried to make it an official language in their school district and get funding for "bilingual" education.

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