After high school i am thinking about attending a college out of state should i stay close to home or try out?

Cash, that would depend on a couple of things: 1) Can you afford out of State tuition? (Some schools charge more for students who aren't residents of that State); (2) Are you pretty independent? (Can you do your own laundry? Be able to deal with the stress of first year college without constant parental support? Okay with staying at school during the weekends/minor holidays by yourself?); and (3) Can you afford airfare/train/bus/gas to and from school if it's out of State? These are some of the things to consider when you're thinking of schools both near and far.

(Personally, I think it's a good idea to go to school that isn't too close to home. It will help develop your independence and you have the opportunity to start anew. New friends. New environment. New experiences. New adventure.)

Good luck.
For most people, I would recommend going to school at least four hours away from home.
do it!
stay close to home for a year...then transfer out of state. you can try out both, but your first year wont be near as hard if your a little closer to home...well...depending on home life. :D
You and you're parents are the best ones to answer that question but personally I've seen a lot of stupid mistakes and unnecessary pain by young adults that think they are ready to make their own decisions totally on their own. They break free and lose control. If you are a mature and wise student, maybe you could handle having unlimited freedom. I think I would recommend getting your two-year degree at home and then move on to another "4 year " college. By then you have experienced small steps in decision making, are better prepared, more mature, more certain of your major, and usually the 4 year college will accept your entire two-year degree. (Instead of only accepting a few classes if you were to go locally for one year.) (Also it is a lot cheaper, if money is an issue.) Good Luck and God Bless.

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