Am currently a senior in high school-do i have to have any requirements before i can take prelaw in college?

Question:any information would be helpful. is it college-specific or are there general requirements. are there requirements for other majors like English and Journalism? i know i have to have a specific number of credits to graduate-so all am wondering is if there are specifics ('quasi's even) that would make life (and school) easier for me doing these 3 majors. Thanks.

I'd say check the college's website and find out what it says about the prelaw major. Most times they'll have recommendations of what you should have taken in high school to just get into the college, other times they'll have specific things for each major. Check on the college's site or speak with your guidance counselor
There's no such thing as a "pre-law" major. Makes sense because law schools have no requirements other than seeing a bachelor degree in anything (literally) and a LSAT score. Law schools really just don't care what you took in undergrad.

If there are any requirements for a particular major, it's really dependent on that particular school's program. Say the English department at a school might have more requirements than a general student at that college. Normally, tho, majors that have extra requirement are science or math related.

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