A Registered Nurse has a degree in nursing or bachelors? Is the diploma the LPN?

Question:how long is each program in universtiy?

You can become qualified to take the RN exam by completing:

Nursing School Diploma program (usually 3 years and most of these are gone now)
Associates degree in Nursing (2 years)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (4 years)
Master of Science in Nursing (bachelor's plus 1-2 years)

The RN exam is the basic qualification for a professional nurse but there are other, more advanced certifications as well. The more education a nurse has, the higher his/her position is likely to be.

An LPN/LVN completes a 1-1.5 year diploma program, usually at a vocational high school or community college.
A registered nurse is one, that passed a state certifying boards, or boards as most call them. Its pretty hard to do without at least an Associate degree 2years. or you can get a bachelors of science usually it take a little more then 4 years it depends how much time you have to apply to the program your in. then once you get your degree you can take your boards an if you pass your a Register NURSE.(good luck)

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