4 Hour Class?

Question:I'll be taking a 4 hour class for Intro To Computers that meets once a week but I'm having second thoughts about it since I never took a class that long. I could take the same class at another time from 11:00am-1230pm and only meets twice a week. But I wouldn't be able to get a full time job just a part time. What should I do?

Try the four hour class and if you can't handle it, tell the teacher and ask if you can switch classes or get breaks more often. If you find your mind drifting eat dark chocolate- i heard it improves your attention span. Listening to the teacher, asking questions and taking note will keep you from daydreaming.
Don't worry. The instructor will give you breaks during the class. also this class may have a lot of time built in for your to work individually on the computers. You can leave when you want to. Also, many classes are listed as being this long, but never last that long. The school wouldn't offer a class that was stressful and nobody signed up for.
At my school, we have 3 hour classes sometimes. We go for 2 hours, get a 10 minutes break and then go for 50 minutes. It's hell, but it frees up a lot of your week. I'm the computers class you'll probably have a lab, so it won't be like someone is lecturing you the whole time.
You don't seem to have much of a choice there. You should keep your full time job and take the 4 hour class. I had 4 hour classes before and my take on it is that since you are in the class already, whats the different between 2 hrs and 4 hrs? Might as well stay for extra 2 hrs.

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