Anyone graduate with an Associates and is now an RN?

Question:My plan is to register in January 2008,and wanted some info on the RN career field, I have a friend that is an RN,and he was telling me that it is wise that I get the Associates degree first and then work in a hospital setting and some hospitals pay for you to go back to school to get your Bachelor's Degree. RN's are so in demand that the government,etc are paying for people to go to school to become an RN,is this true? I was also told that an RN can make up to 145,000 a yr? True or False?

all of it sounds to be true from what i've heard also..just remember that getting into an rn program is highly competitive. good luck!
An RN can make pretty good money, i dont know about 145,000 with an associates but I know with a higher degree and maybe a specialty they can. It would be very smart for you to start with the associates. Every hospital i've worked for offers a program where they pay for you to go back to school. there are some requirements to get the money but they are usually things like how long you have to work for them and what kind of gpa you must maintain. Also going back to school for your BA is so much easier when you have that experience of working in an actual hospital environment. its easier to compare what your learning in classes to what you do everyday. And yes RN's are in demand. Many hospitals are paying very good sign on bonuses for RN's. The hospital I am working for was paying 5,000 sign on bonus for Emergency Room RN's.
True - Nurses are in high demand.
Could be true - Work study scholarships are available. It
depends on the hospital/clinic where you are employed.
True - "UP" to $145g - Starting pay for nurses is very good, but even the majority of nurse/practitioners have to work many years to get from the "UP to $145g.
Your friend's right about getting an Associates first before going for your Bachelors. You get pretty much at the same starting pay for both. I guarantee you, you will NOT start off at 145,000 as a new RN but you will live comfortably with the pay you will make. You can get paid 145k as a CRNA (this equals two extra years of schooling after you get your Bachelors in Nursing). Keep in mind, a nursing degree is not for the weak hearted. If you want it bad enough, you'll get through the schooling.

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