Am i better of doing an hnd in civil engineering first or should i go straight for a degree?

As the degree qualification is higher ...if you are are able go straight to a degree .i
maybe yes maybe no
do HND before degree it will take u to next level compared to someone who have just done degree. Its not just in civil engineering but in every engineering field.

Good luck mate
it depends if you no you definately want to do this.
i am doing the same but in construction. the plus side of doing ONC HNC HND is that the qualification is split into stages, so if after HNC you decide its not for you, you can leave with a HNC, wher as if after a few years of degee you chang eyour mind, youve got nothing.
also the non degree option gives you chance to get a full time job, gaining experience while you train, and if your lucky your boss may help pay for tution.
i have just finished my ONC and have contemplated going straight to degree level, however i have been told the course is designed for full time students, and as i currently work as a trainee qs i may struggle to keep up with the work load.
personally i am choosing to do the long route, and stick with HND, this meaning come to interview day i will not only have a good qualification but i will also have far more working in the role experience than the person that just went to uni.
our courses are very similar, just a couple of classes are different so i hope this helps!!
Much better to go for a degree if you can. Whatever anyone else says this is essential if you wish to become a civil engineer, a member of the institute of civil engineering etc. If some say it is easier to do the HND as a stepping stone, well I would answer that passing ANY exam is tough. Why put yourself through more than you need to? Do the degree!

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