A question about writing a paper for a conference?

Question:I want to submit a paper that I wrote for one of my classes to a humanities conference. The way the paper is currently structured is in the form of a scientific research article even though it deals with a humanities/sociology topic. It has the following components: Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion.

I looked at the papers submitted to last year's conference on the conference website, and I didn't see any in the format I described.

My question is, is it possible to restructure my existing paper into a research essay (with a thesis and main points), or do you think they'll accept it as it is, in the format I described above?

(1) First of all, it is easy to reformat your paper, so don't worry about that aspect of it. I have had to do it for practically every paper I've submitted.

(2) Each conference is different! In many cases the conference will have a specific criteria, based upon the one which is generally used in that field.

If you go to the website for the conference or the association, look for submisison guidelines. If all else fails, contact the person coordinating the papers.

It will look better to have asked the right questions and do it right, than to submit something that will mean extra work for the conference coordinators
What you have done is correct. Best to submit as it is.

As a concession to a more general audience, if you feel like it, add a separate introduction telling first why you feel that this style is more appropriate,. Follow this with an extended abstract.

My own view is to go as is.
i think it is possible

you ask the concerned organisation

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