Alternate teaching certification with a Bachelors degree?

Question:I was told that if you have a Bachelor's degree, that you can take additional teaching classes, and get a teaching certificate. Is this true for any Bachelor's degree? For example, would I be able to do this with a business degree or a human resources degree?

For the most part you can only get certified in a teaching field related to your degree. With a bachelor's in business or HR, you could probably get certified to teach high school economics or something similar. However, this certification would likely be temporary and would have to be renewed every few years.

For more specific details, I'd have to know what state you live in as each state is different. Find your state's Department of Education (DOE) webpage and search there for teaching certification requirements.
Depends on how much the district is in need of teachers. Usually Inner-city schools are the most willing to help you with this.
Anyone can take teacher certification classes. The classes you would have to take would depend on what you have already taken while getting your Bachelor's degree, and on what you want to get certified to teach. Check with the education depatment at a nearby college or university for exactly what you will need. There are some exams that you must take as well.

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