Any universities that accept D's and F's?

Question:Are there any universities that accept D's or F's on the transcript that are not made up as in have not repeated the course again?

One, maybe 2 on your transcript might be ok a some schools, but with multiples you'll have a hard time.
umm..clown school?
Community colleges
Most universities will not accept transfer credits for D's & F's toward a degree. They will generally record a D as a "pass" but not an "F" as you actually did not meet the minimum criteria for the course.
I think D's count as credit actually, but F's are fails, so no credit. If you have too many D's or F's, you get put on academic probation or you get barred from taking classes for a year, but you can try again after that year if you wish. I don't think it's possible to graduate with less than a 2.0 average, so too many D's will stop you from graduating.

Now, if you're looking to transfer with those poor credits, here's what you can do. Take a year off even if you're not on academic probation or academic suspension just yet. Go overseas and teach English or something. Find yourself and your motivation and then apply to transfer or reapply to your first school. It's very easy to get into universities when you're not a fresh high school graduate. They'll see that you took that year off in that obviously experienced something and still had motivation to come back.

If you were going to fail your second time around, why would you even bother wasting thousands of dollars? The assumption is that no one is that stupid. You'll be accepted. Although, you may have to take a year at community college first. It really depends on the mood of the admissions people especially if you're GPA is below 2.0.
Not as transfer credits, no. No legit school will transfer those grades.

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