Aerospace engineering mature entry?

Question:am thinking of going back to uni to do a MEng in aerospace engineering. I will be 25 on starting the course so depending whether I choose a course with a placement or not will be pushing 30 by the times its finished.

My question is how likely am I to be offered a job with any of the serious aerospace companies upon entering so late? has anyone had a similar experience or know anyone with one in this industry?


Good engineers are in short supply, and 30 isn't all that old. If you do well, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a job.
Why don't you write to several aircraft manufacturers NOW, enclosing your cv and telling them that you will be available in 5 years complete with an MEng in aerospace engineering. You will of course be happy to visit any company that replies.

Don't make it sound like they should be grateful to have you, be a little modest!
After completion go to consultancy, with your own company, i did and i went round the world, kept me going for the next thirty years and very profitable and still at it (why not aerospace degree, and include engines & avionics )

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