A minor in creative writing?

Question:Would that do you any good and what major would it go best with?

I would love to get a minor in creative writing because I love writing stories, but outside of that, I can't see how you could benefit from that minor.

What do you think?

A major is all about how you sell it. You have to decide what you want to do then sell it that way. My degree is in Professional Writing. I combined it with some advertising and design stuff and sold myself as an advertising creative. Initially, I went to a magazine and said "Look, I'm good at coming up with content and making it presentable to people who may be interested". The rest-- they taught me. It's all how you present it. I'm an art director now for a midsized ad agency (20 years later).
Depends on what you plan to write. I don't know if the author of Harry Potter took creative writing, but wouldn't you love to have her bank account?!
If you ever plan on going into journalism, or any field of writing, this minor will help. You can also go into teaching if you wanted to. Any type of writing majors/minors have a very wide variety of career choices, because a LOT of jobs require you to be really good writing skills.

Your minor doesnt necessarily have to "go best" with your major. In fact, if you choose a major that has nothing to do with your minor it will look better for graduate schools because it shows that you are very well rounded.

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